allocacoc PowerCube DuoUSB ReWirable + Plug, 4way Socket, 230V Schuko

Quick Overview

Ingenious travel adapter and 4-way multiple socket with 2 USB ports (2.1 A total) for worldwide use of devices that have a continental power plug and universal power supply (110-240V)!
Includes 4 Travel Plugs for DE / FR, UK, USA, AUS. Alternatively, this travel adapter can be used) in every country in the world with a IEC power cable according to local standards (not included).
Add a simple 3-pin power cable (not included) according to the local standard for use anywhere in the world. Perfect for using your devices with a universal 110-240V abroad!
This 4-way socket multiplier offers sockets according to the Schuko-Standard CEEE 7/4 Schuko-type power outlets are standard in AT, BZH, BUL, DE, ES, GR, HR, HU, IS, LV, LU, N, MN, PT, RO, RU, Serbia and SF
This means you can use your USB devices and your devices with continental/Schuko-style 2 or 3-pin connectors unmodified, anywhere in the world. A cheap local power cable (with a standard IEC 60320/C13 3-pin plug on one end, this is used in virtually every desktop computer) is your adapter to the local standard for power sockets



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